About Us

About Us

Acceliant is the medical industry technology division of Trianz, a global technology services and solutions company. A pioneer in the EDC industry, Acceliant has been providing solutions in the clinical trial management space to the industry since 1999. Since 2002 Acceliant has served customers in the CRO, medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, and non-profit drug research industries. Acceliant solutions have helped facilitate clinical data management in hundreds of trials worldwide in dozens of therapeutic areas for global giants as well as emerging healthcare innovators.

Our Commitment to the Healthcare Industry

Acceliant is passionate about healthcare and focuses on leveraging technology to impact the way trials are managed in the industry. We contribute in an environment that is being simultaneously affected by dynamics such as regulatory change, globalization, recessionary effects, reductions in spending, and the need for predictability in trial management.

Our approach leverages a multitude of technologies such as the Internet, imaging, mobility, multi-lingual platforms, and process workflows in a convergent manner to deliver path-breaking and highly innovative trial management solutions. We deliver a multitude of benefits to clients that clearly measure workforce productivity, trial throughput, decision making, and the total cost of trial management.

Starting in this industry as pioneers, we continue to leverage our strengths to deliver innovative trial management models and benefits to our customers in an era of incredible change.

Our Mission

"To create the most innovative technology enabled solutions that enhance clinical trial execution efficiency and speed while providing enabling services that deliver predictability and delight our customers."

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