Acceliant Clinical Trials Platform

Acceliant Clinical Trials Platform

Our Philosophy

In 2009, Acceliant conducted a strategic review to better understand the various dynamics that are and will continue to restructure the healthcare industry. We studied the value chain and established healthcare practices, ranging from drug research to trial management and drug production and from health insurance to healthcare services. We studied the adverse and positive effects of regulatory change, the ongoing global economic recession, industry consolidation, and globalization. We spoke with customers about their challenges and brought our perspectives on emerging technologies.

This extensive review ultimately shaped our clinical trial platform philosophy. We created a strategic shift from building applications in specialized siloes to collapsing platforms that automatically integrate, connect, facilitate workflows, and collaborate in a mobile environment. The common themes across all our products are-ease of use for non-technical users based on automation and workflow driven integration, multi-lingual as a standard, and mobility. Every Acceliant platform leverages the latest technology infrastructure and is both Cloud and SaaS enabled.

Acceliant Platforms: Leading with Innovation

Acceliant Unified Trial System (UTS). Acceliant's UTS may be the world's first platform that provides 100 percent integration between program management, trial design, data capture, data management, and report and business intelligence. We have created a collaborative environment that brings global teams into a single shared environment. Soon to be introduced is comprehensive IVRS that goes beyond the traditional use of IVRS for randomization. Acceliant UTS replaces the conventional thinking of siloed platforms and custom integration with a unified architectural approach, rendering a single sign on, easy workflow enabled movement between various modules, role-based sectional and cross-sectional intelligence, visibility, and reporting. UTS delivers industry leading first patient in-cycle time, process efficiency, and total costs of ownership.

Acceliant X-Data Capture (XDC). Acceliant XDC is another paradigm-breaking platform that provides multi-modal data capture in a single platform. Trials can be run at a site level, using multiple approaches as such as paper/fax, EDC, ePRO, and voice (soon to be introduced ). XDC is a browser-based technology that eliminates the need for procuring special hand-held devices, infrastructure, training, special data management, data integration, and reporting processes associated with the current paradigm of ePRO. Trials are configured once and can be rendered on any device that complies with modern mobility standards. When data is captured through ePRO, it is flagged and stored within the EDC platform. This allows data managers, sites, and staticians to leverage the Acceliant EDC platform to analyze ePRO data separately or in a unified manner. The impact of XDC is far reaching. It eliminates an entire duplicate infrastructure and process for the same trial, stops uncessary integration, enables patient enrolment because patients use their own devices, expands the reach of a trial globally, and ultimately reduces the total cost of data management.

Acceliant EDC. Acceliant EDC is a multilingual, 100 percent mobile platform that provides industry leading features in trial build, trial management, reporting, and document management. Acceliant EDC offers a unique trial configuration approach through another path-breaking technology called Unified Trial Builder which allows non-technical users to design CRFs, configure trials, and conduct UAT without requiring assistance from your IT department-- all within weeks or less. The platform is tightly integrated via workflows and is rich in reporting capabilities. Acceliant EDC also enables trial managers to set up ePRO at the push of a button. The multi-lingual and mobile platform can be configured at a single location and managed anywhere in the world when conducitng a trial.

Acceliant ePRO. Acceliant ePRO is also available to customers on a standalone basis. As described above, the platform is independent of device operating systems and relies completely on browswer technology. Multiple styles of patient-facing forms can be rendered simply by selecting from a range of features. ePRO is also integrated with all EDC workflows and calendar, allowing for notifications to patients. Because the platform is device independent and multi-lingual, it facilitates simultaneous patient reporting globally for the same trial. Acceliant ePRO does not require customers to buy or lease any handheld equipment, nor does it require a separate process or IT infrastructure like current platforms do.

Acceliant Clinical Imaging Systems (CIMS). Acceliant CIMS are a set of path-breaking technologies designed for imaging labs, pharmas, and CROs. Core-Lab-in-a-BoxTM is a unique clinical trial imaging management software package that has all the key functionality of an imaging core lab without the associated expense and risk. It provides for multi-modal image acquisition of DICOM data (CT-Scans, MRI, X-rays, ultra-sound, PET/CT, SPECT/CT), and non-DICOM data via HTTPs, FTP, DICOM, physical media, and so forth. It allows for conversion for standardization, QA/ QC, Archival/ Repository. Images can be viewed at the processing end and the user end. A non-lab version called Acceliant Radview is available for customers who only need to view functionality and not the entire lab-oriented features.

Acceliant CIMS is fully integrated with Acceliant XDC and EDC and is also a core module of Acceliant UTS. This enables storage and connection of individual images to specific patient visits, instant recall, and viewing without needing to switch between platforms. Statistical output from clinical images is imported automatically into Acceliant EDC, facilitating superior and faster trial statistics.

Acceliant CTMS is a comprehensive platform that is fully integrated with Acceliant UTS as well as XDC and EDC platforms. Our CTMS platform provides trial managers and leadership with the ability to plan, execute, and track the progress of multiple clinical trials. Acceliant CTMS also facilitates financial management, compliance, submissions, and executive oversight with its rich reporting and business intelligence capabilities. Acceliant CTMS integration with UTMS and XDC leverages cross-platform workflows, alerts, and seamless movement of data from EDC and ePRO systems. Acceliant CTMS is mobile and accessible through any device from anywhere.

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