Acceliant announces the next version of Acceliant eClinical Suite - V6.2

19 Jan, 2011

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January 19 2011, Herndon, Virginia - Acceliant, a comprehensive clinical data management platform, leverages relevant technologies for a set of capabilities designed for innovation and efficiency, flexibility for meeting protocol and trial design requirements, through configuration and setup, usability to enhance user experience and productivity and powerful import and export capabilities.

Acceliant now introduces a latest module, Learning Management System which is a Web-based system and part of Acceliant for training programs. LMS enables Acceliant to effectively train a large group of user. With a Learning Management System, training and e-Learning are managed by software that allows users and administrators alike to easily access courses and training reports. These include Computer-Based Training or CBTs, Web-based Training or WBTs, continuous on-line assessment and management of training.

Acceliant also has its electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) module seamlessly integrated with the eClinical Suite to expand the breadth of data collection channels and technologies needed for your study. Acceliant ePRO supports a rich set of options for data to be captured including the Web, Smart Phones, Tablets, and IVRS.

Additional features V6.2:

  • Link on login page to click on to have your password re-set if you have forgotten your password.
  • Help Desk number should be a configurable number and should auto generate email at any time the page is displayed.
  • Need ability to allow for ongoing visits in the paper.
  • Improve UI rule capabilities by accounting for layering options.
  • Send notification to the users once a week on trial data like how many queries to resolve.
  • Create log for FAX messages in Acceliant.
  • Retiring or activating a specific edit checks.

Acceliant is designed for efficient execution of the end-to-end clinical trial lifecycle by addressing typical pain-points. Acceliant teams then add a service focus that results in a uniquely dedicated customer experience. As an example, we view customization requests as a way to add features and evolve Acceliant as functional change requests are often accommodated and implemented as product features.

About Acceliant eClinical Suite

Acceliant eClinical Suite is competitive in meeting the challenges of today's dynamic market conditions. The Acceliant eClinical Suite is a pre-eminent offering that continues its 11-year history of providing innovative solutions for the life sciences industry. The Acceliant eClinical Suite is robust, scalable, and flexible. It has been proven by more than 350 Phase I-IV trials, covering all therapeutic areas and medical device trials. Engineered for agility, our service model differentiators enable us to implement and deploy in response to the data, functional, and analytic needs of clinical trials.

Prashant Bhavaraju