Acceliant Thanks the Participants of SCDM Asia Conference 2013, Mumbai

06 Jun, 2013

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Bangalore, India, Jun 06, 2013 - Acceliant, a global technology provider of innovative clinical trial management solutions, thanks the participants of SCDM Asia Conference 2013 for attending its session that emphasized on effective clinical data collection methods.

The two day event was held in Mumbai from 31st May to 1st June, 2013. The conference, held for the first time outside US, brought together global CROs and pharmaceutical organizations to provide thought leadership in the field of Clinical Data Management (CDM). Expert talks on transformational trends and technological innovations threw light on the changing landscape of CDM. Acceliant's participation was marked by a presentation on "Advancements in Clinical Data Collection Methods".

"The SCDM Asia 2013 proved to be a perfect platform both for exchange of ideas and networking. Our presentation received an overwhelming response from the audience which was followed by an interactive Q&A session. The event provided a great opportunity to interact with industry stakeholders and key decision makers, who expressed their interest in our industry beneficial solutions," said Santhosh S. Nagaraj, Sales Head, Acceliant.

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Prashant Bhavaraju