The AcceliantTM eClinical Suite is a robust, end-to-end solution that supports capture and management of clinical trial data and supporting information. The eClinical Suite allows users to build studies, design electronic case report forms (eCRFs), capture data through multiple sources (EDC), capture data directly from patients (ePRO), and manage other clinical data management functions. The unified clinical system streamlines study design and execution by not involving a complex integration process or addressing multi-management issues.

What's new in Acceliant v7.0?

The release of Acceliant v7.0 heralds new features gleaned directly from our customers and experiences, providing an increase in usability that streamlines the data collection process.

Key highlights of Acceliant v7.0 include the following:
  • Simple and improved time saving feature such as Change Notification to email/SMS Notification 
  • LDAP Authentication feature making it easier for all users to navigate and leverage for their research needs 
  • Improved Image Mapping helping in better data visualization 

Other Key features from previous releases

  • Integrated access to ePRO data within the EDC platform that eliminates the need for multiple Web portals along more rapid data availability
  • Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) with triggers for access dependent on training flags
  • Integrated multi-option for data capture, including the Web, smart phones, tablets, and other modalities
  • Multi-language support including Kanji (Japanese) and Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Site-centric portal allows sites to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently while patient-focused portal can disseminate information to a public or focused presence or act as a gateway to ePRO
  • Rapid deployment, system management, and a proven ability to deploy utilizing cloud technologies
  • Rapid system export / import that allows for rapid access to third- party data when needed, at no additional charge per transfer

A comprehensive data-management platform, the AcceliantTM eClinical Suite leverages relevant technologies to provide the following set of features:

XDC multimodal data capture design

  • First tool to unify trial builds across data capture modalities
  • First to extend CDASH support for trial builds
  • First to provide bi-directional data interchange between data capture modalities
  • Reduces development, validation, integration, and reconciliation efforts

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