Registry Ready

Registry Ready

The Acceliant EDC team recognizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to clinical trials. The dynamics of late-phase trials and registries offer unique needs for an EDC or ePRO system. The Acceliant team, having significant experience in adapting to these needs, has created many features and solutions to ensure late-phase study success including the following:

  • Simple interface that adapts to research -weak sites, but powerful enough for experts
  • Integrated training system that allows for training inside the system with full documentation and certificate printing
  • Flexible patient enrollment process that adapts to the needs of the trail and meets different protocol criteria
  • Dynamic and flexible query process that can be rigorous or simple, as dictated by the study, without the need for complex programming
  • Context sensitive help available in the field form or at visit level to ensure that investigators have the information they need to enter data
  • Flexible form design elements including conditional forms, that appear based upon questions and answers, and conditional fields that can either be "grayed" or appear and disappear based on the study need. This feature eliminates confusion on larger forms by showing the site the data required, and nothing more.
  • Repeating forms and visits allow for indefinite studies. Many registries span long time periods and have no definite end. Acceliant grows with the study, allowing data to be collected as long as necessary
  • Unscheduled visits built into the system allow data to be collected even if it is not within the normal pattern of the study. Sites can select the forms needed for an unscheduled visit.
  • Multi-record element flexibility is built into Acceliant and allows data, such as Adverse Events, to be entered, independent of normal visits. This eliminates the need to decide whether an item is ongoing or complete in a visit. Instead, this gives the site a section that can be modified at will without the need to create unnecessary forms in the system. The experienced Acceliant EDC team utilizes this feature for concomitant medications, Adverse Events, medications and much more.
  • The Acceliant system allows rapid access to data via the export system that allows stakeholders in the study to get to data, analyze, query, clean, and publish more rapidly than with many other systems.

With the additional availability of tablet and smart device based data collection and integrated Patient Reported Outcomes, a late-phase study can deploy the features necessary to obtain data quickly.

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