Trial Management

Trial Management

At the center of the Acceliant system, the Acceliant portal provides users with a view that can be personalized by the user based on requirements.

Acceliant GroupWare Solution. Enables teams to collaborate in a dedicated trial environment that uses e-mail, task management, trial newsletter, forums, calendars, and checklists for trial activities, such as site qualification, monitoring, and data management tasks, to meet study needs.

Acceliant Site Management Control manages sites that participate in the trial. Sites can be marked as active, inactive, closed, or suspended and controlled with powerful permission groups customized to study needs. Each state or permission group is linked to other Acceliant modules to ensure that only certain activities occur at the respective site.

Trial Management Features Acceliant's Trial Management module provides a fully integrated, comprehensive, global solution for the coordination and management of all clinical trial activities. Features of the solution include the following:

  • Developing and disseminating trial standard operating procedures and checklists
  • Tracking trial activities, from trial design to submission
  • Coordinating site, sponsor and CRO personnel through dedicated messaging and groupware
  • Scheduling and planning of meetings; management and allocation of resources
  • Generating real-time recruitment, activity, and other standard or custom reports
  • Tracking trial supplies and logistics
  • Disseminating trial information and news via an online newsletter
  • Providing an enhanced administration facility to enable users to access and feed the data for multiple trials
  • Facilitating review and taking action to address adverse and serious-adverse events online
  • Tracking site progress during the enrollment process
  • Tracking protocol violations
  • Viewing individual patient trial history
  • Easily generating detailed reports, including protocol-specific endpoints

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