With more than a decade of experience serving Fortune 1000 to emerging clients, an ensure customer delight' mantra runs throughout Acceliant. Services are never an afterthought nor are they a means to create additional revenue from customers. Providing services for our customers' means doing whatever is required to enable quick operationalization, learning, and technical support.

Acceliant Service Philosophy

We differentiate from the health care industry in our fundamental approach. Acceliant firmly believes that our product design should reduce the need for services over time. Our services model is guided by the following tenants:

  • Service Reduction through Automation as Core Design Criteria. Each platform in Acceliant and in our Constellation platform is envisioned, architected, designed, and implemented with the stated intent of reducing a customer's need for services in trial configuration, data management, imports/exports, and so forth.
  • Emphasizing Self Serviceability as a Core Design Criterion. We strongly emphasize the development of intuitive features and processes that allow customers to run several processes such as trial build, data imports, and data exports, and report them without having the need for external support. We do not charge for such usage.
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership by Reducing Service Costs. Our goal is to help customers develop predictability in their total cost of ownership of the platform and trial management costs. In most cases, Acceliant does not charge customers on a time and material basis.
  • Ensure Customer Delight and Feedback Loop. We believe every customer service interaction should lead to a delightful experience and a learning opportunity that lends itself to continuous improvement. We will respond to a customer's service need at all times to ensure its success.

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