Operationalization and Integration

Operationalization and Integration

Operationalization Services

To a new adopter of any Acceliant platform, we offer a package of services in the spirit of partnership and mutual success. These services are designed to facilitate a better understanding of customer needs, articulate the platforms' capabilities, understand customer short and long term goals, and provide support and services that help users successfully adopt Acceliant platforms. Our 180 day Operationalization Package is based on the following outline:

  • Pilot Study and Learning. A hands on engagement from Acceliant to enhance the effectiveness of our online Learning Management System (see Training). During this time, our service practitioners will also help configure the pilot study in all aspects.
  • Study 1-5. Co-develop with customers, provide QA support, and ensure continuous liaison.
  • IT Integration. Integration of any new platform into an existing environment is cause for concern. We help customers minimize costs by providing an integration analysis at no cost within 60 days of engagement. We further subsidize these costs of integration by offering them at a small fixed fee. Acceliant's offshore IT capability investments enable us to provide these services to customers at a very low cost.
  • Study 5 Onwards. Transition to standard support model and monitor effectiveness of operationalization and partnership through a series of management approved success metrics.

Our goal is to ensure that every Acceliant user and their organization's IT departments are completely acclimatized and comfortable with our platforms and their usage is an enjoyable experience.

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