Training Services

Unlike most clinical trial management systems, Acceliant has a fully integrated Learning Management System (LMS). Consequently, we are able to provide users with learning materials online and often at no extra charge on a per user basis. Our objective is to promote learning, usage, trial safety, and make sure that users stay current with your company's trial-specific policies and procedures.

Acceliant Provides a Fully-integrated Leaning Management System
  • Game Changer. Requires a one-time sign-on into Acceliant (single sign on). LMS is completely online, making training current with social and business trends, superior, faster, and less expensive. LMS content can be rendered in multiple languages.
  • Course CBT Catalog. Along with the standard set of courses, our LMS can be customized for each customer's trial-specific needs. Catalogs can also be customized according to platform or integration. Moreover, catalogs can be published in multiple languages.
  • Certification and Automated Controls. LMS provides for a role training matrix, modular competency testing, and re-training should changes occur, such as protocol changes in clinical trials. The system automatically prevents users from using the system in case certain training or re-training is mandatory. The system also generates and keeps track of certifications.
  • Management Reports on Training. Acceliant platform automatically track the entire global user base and provide insights to management on completion of training and certifications at various levels.
Acceliant's Approach to Training Services Empowers the Trainers

We believe that training on our platforms is a subset of our customers' overall training infrastructure and culture. We also believe that training is a form of education and learning. As such, training is not a profit center for Acceliant, but an investment in our customers' success. Our aim is to integrate with our customers' training policies, procedures, and culture. We also want internal champions to emerge, therefore reinforcing the empower the trainer approach.

The train the trainers approach involves a series of in-location interactions with individuals nominated by our customers to understand the overall company training policies and procedures, trial specific needs, and results in an engagement that helps configure Acceliant LMS and provides training to trainers so they can educate the user base on Acceliant. When they have been trained, trainers can configure catalogs and use the LMS as needed for the company.

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