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Acceliant manages diverse clinical trials by upholding high governance standards and streamlining processes for visibility into pharmaceutical outcomes

Acceliant is a preferred clinical trials partner of leading pharmaceutical enterprises. Our experienced team manages diverse clinical trials by upholding high governance standards, streamlining processes for visibility into outcomes, and leveraging sophisticated technology.

Regulatory compliance

Global pharmaceutical companies partner with Acceliant to navigate a dynamic regulatory landscape. We help pharmaceutical enterprises evaluate the clinical trials ecosystem to meet local as well as global regulatory standards. Our holistic information security and network policy meets the guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations; Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures (21 CFR Part 11).

Seamless integration

We help pharmaceutical companies migrate from their existing clinical data management system (CDMS) to our proprietary system. We import data into our system seamlessly while our coding engine facilitates medical coding. Acceliant leverages interactive response technologies (IRT) and interactive Web response systems (IWRS) to randomize subjects and maintain drug inventory at sites during clinical trials.

Trials management audit

Acceliant monitors and reports the progress of clinical trials based on stringent data protocols and quality parameters in accordance with Good Clinical Practices (GCP). We update sponsors with e-mail or short message service (SMS) alerts at different milestones such as page, visit,and subject completion.

Future proof

Acceliant leverages advanced systems and the latest technology to deliver superior clinical trials outcomes. We continuously update our proprietary clinical trials management software by incorporating new modules and security patches for clinical trials to meet the emerging needs of pharmaceutical enterprises.

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