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Acceliant offers a suite of clinical trials solutions for contract research, pharmaceuticals, and medical device enterprises


Acceliant understands the context that our sponsors operate in to deliver customized clinical trials solutions. We combine people, process, and technology to deliver bespoke solutions for contract research, pharmaceuticals, and medical device enterprises.

Acceliant aligns a robust suite of solutions and governance mechanisms to meet the unique needs of enterprises. Our healthcare DNA enables us to empathize with the diverse requirements of constituents and stakeholders during the clinical trials journey. Our solution approach has made Acceliant the preferred clinical trials partner of global sponsors.

Usability advantage

Acceliant uses design thinking to enhance the usability of clinical trials. Our platforms and solutions focus on a patient-friendly experience to harness data. Our clinical trials ensure that patients, processes, and technologies are integrated to deliver seamless clinical outcomes. Acceliant is recognized for usability by independent global industry bodies.

Cloud advantage

Acceliant was one of the early adopters of the cloud for clinical trials. Our suite of clinical trials solutions is hosted on the cloud, providing you the flexibility to ramp up trials and access clinical data anywhere, anytime. Our technologists have established a stringent data and information security policy to ensure data integrity, redundancy, and risk mitigation during and after clinical trials.

Mobility advantage

Acceliant adopts a mobile-first approach to clinical trials data solutions. Mobility accelerates time-to-market at both ends of the clinical trials lifecycle: you can conduct multiple trials at diverse sites as well as access clinical data at multiple locations for analysis. Our mobility solution offers a consistent experience across mobile devices and form factors.

Acceliant offers clinical trials solutions for:

Mobile Data Capture

Our mobile app aggregates clinical trials data at multiple sites and provides a consolidated view for review and analysis.View more

Unified Trial Builder

Our robust platform facilitates scientific clinical trials design incorporating principles of usability, change management, and data governance.View more

Comprehensive EDC

Our enterprise portal streamlines the workflow of clinical trials data by capturing, validating and reconciling data of clinical trials at diverse sites.View more

e-Patient Reported Outcomes

Our platform streamlines the capture of clinical trials data from multiple data channels to deliver superior clinical outcomes.View more

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