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Acceliant is a first-generation clinical trials specialist offering solutions for contract research, pharmaceuticals, and medical device enterprises

Acceliant traces its origins and follows the timeline of the global clinical trials industry. We have evolved with advances in technology and methodology of clinical trials, and the demands of the contract research, pharmaceuticals, and medical device industries.

Acceliant offers a suite of solutions that lies at the intersection of the clinical trials and technology domains. Our offerings address specific needs of our constituents, including healthcare enterprises, regulators, and payers. Our advanced technology stack ensures that our solutions are future-proof and integrated with the IT landscape of enterprises.

Smart advantage

Acceliant understands that no two enterprises - even from the same industry - share a common road map for clinical trials. Our dedicated team invests time and effort to understand the context of your clinical trials requirements to offer a bespoke solution.

We use relevant domain expertise, processes, and technologies to design and implement a clinical trials solution that is just right for your enterprise. Our team functions as your extended enterprise to deliver compelling value before, during, and after the clinical trials process.

Medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) advantage

Being a first-generation clinical trials specialist, Acceliant is well positioned to navigate the shifts in technology, the legal environment, and the regulatory landscape.

A robust governance mechanism is embedded in our suite of clinical trials solutions. The framework sets stringent guidelines that safeguard the security and privacy of data, mitigate risk, and ensure the sustainability of business operations.

Data advantage

Acceliant continues to invest in enriching data capabilities for delivering superior clinical trials outcomes. Our team of data scientists harnesses, disseminates, and analyzes clinical data to help you make informed business decisions and enhance the efficacy of your clinical trials.

We partner with global cloud hosting enterprises to safeguard sensitive clinical trials data as well as offer you the flexibility to scale up your storage capacities. We leverage mobile technologies to ensure stakeholders can access clinical trials findings on-the-go and monitor the progress of clinical trials.

Acceliant offers clinical trials solutions for:

Contract research organizations

Acceliant helps leading contract research organizations manage diverse clinical trials concurrently and scale them up to meet the business goal of trials. We leverage advanced technologies to safeguard the security and integrity of clinical trials data.View more


Acceliant manages complexity across clinical trials of pharmaceutical enterprises while offering visibility into clinical data and outcomes. Significantly, our robust framework enables our clients to navigate the shifts in regulation governing data standards. View more

Medical devices

Acceliant partners with medical device manufacturers for clinical trials to improve outcomes for new product development. Our process harnesses digital technologies and data analytics to facilitate the introduction of hyper-connected medical devices.View more

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