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Mobile Data Capture

Acceliant’s app streamlines data capture and management during clinical trials

Mobile technology streamlines clinical trial data capture and management. Acceliant offers a mobile app that aggregates clinical data at the point of capture across multiple sites and provides a consolidated view for review and analysis of data. Our mobile-first clinical trial data app is available on iTunes and Google Play app stores to maximize reach and enhance the efficacy of clinical trials.

Ease of use

Our app has an intuitive user interface for convenient capture and management of clinical trial data. Users can perform diverse tasks such as reviewing results on the dashboard or freezing / locking data


Mobile data capture reduces the data collection process from months to weeks, thereby ensuring a predictable clinical trial timeline and consequently, faster time-to-market


Our app is an optimal mobile solution for Phase III clinical trials involving thousands of patients and hundreds of sites. The mobility advantage rationalizes costs at both ends of the clinical trial spectrum – data capture as well as data analysis.

Faster onboarding

Our mobile app accelerates user adoption by assimilating the context of the digital user during a clinical trial. Consequently, managing clinical trial data on mobile devices requires minimal training since it is an extension of the user’s digital lifestyle.


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