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Acceliant addresses the unique needs of leading government organizations

At Acceliant, we understand that creating unique eClinical solutions for the government is a challenging task. So we designed bespoke and cost-effective solutions for the government sector based on flexible pricing, scalability, and cloud and in-premise hosting.

  • Priced as per unique needs
  • Scalable
  • Can be hosted on cloud as well as on premise
  • Reduces overall trial cost
  • Improves trial efficiency


Our comprehensive solutions enable government agencies to quickly deploy the Acceliant platform in a couple of weeks and scale their clinical studies faster than the competition. We are committed to adhere to global best practices in generating quality data for drug approvals.

Robust Platform

Acceliant has been serving government institutions over the last 2 decades. We have built a robust, battle-tested platform to meet the unique needs of government agencies.

Improves trial efficiency

As the trial duration increases, it becomes very important for the price sensitive segments to improve their trial efficiency and monetize cost. Our swift implementation and smart data capture techniques improve the overall clinical trial efficiency, thereby enhancing the clinical trial output.

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