Usability advantage


Acceliant uses design thinking to enhance the usability of clinical trials. Our platforms and solutionsfocus on a patient-friendly experience to harness data. Our clinical trials ensure that patients, processes, and technologies are integrated to deliver seamless clinical outcomes. Acceliant is recognized for usability by independent global industry bodies.

Cloud advantage


Acceliant was one of the early adopters of the cloud for clinical trials. Our suite of clinical trials solutions is hosted on the cloud, providing you the flexibility to ramp up trials and access clinical data anywhere, anytime. Our technologistshave established a stringent data and information security policy to ensure data integrity, redundancy, and risk mitigation during and after clinical trials.

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Acceliant has been providing Clinical Data Management solutions since 1999 to clients in the CRO, medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, tellus eget condimentum rhoncus, and non-profit drug research industries.