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Unified Trial Builder

The Acceliant clinical trial design platform streamlines the process of defining rules

The success of clinical trials lies in the rigor of the design process. The Acceliant platform for clinical trial design reduces the elaborate process from months to weeks. Our drag- and-drop interface and one click functionality streamline the pathway of clinical trials.


Acceliant makes clinical trial design convenient for new as well as experienced users. It creates a Case Report Form (CRF) from a library of standard objects or custom data entry fields, and defines codelists with multiple choices and drop-down values. Users can create rules and edit checks from the library or import them in batches from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The CRF workflow is represented in a graphical format to reflect the sequence of visits.

Single design, multiple use

Our future-proof platform meets current and emerging clinical trial design requirements. After designing the clinical trial, the repository can be used to source data through multiple channels (Web, paper or handheld devices). It allows CRFs to be reused, without redesigning the form for specific channels.

Change management

Our platform supports version control during the clinical trial. It tracks changes such as addition, modification of field, edit checks, visits to existing CRF, addition of new forms, and other trial elements, without programming. Significantly, it implements changes, automates server-side changes, and deploys CRFs across sites with minimal human intervention.

Key Features



The Acceliant clinical trial design platform meets global regulatory standards. Our platform supports CRF definition based on Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) specifications. It streamlines clinical trial design by allowing multiple users to work on one trial concurrently, thereby saving time and avoiding redesign. The platform also complies with Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization (CDASH) to ensure traceability of data for users and transparency for regulators.


Our CRF wizard will walk a new user through processes such as creating a form, edit check and validations. Alternatively, you can bypass the wizard and create or manage CRFs.

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