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CRO Partners

The Acceliant Partner program is an alliance of global CROs

Our exclusive partner program for CROs focuses on providing comprehensive product knowledge, marketing/sales support, and training. Our goal is to ensure our partners achieve measurable outcomes and add value to their clients.


Join our partner network to increase your revenue.


Product Support


Our CRO partners benefit from best-in-class product support and technology. We partner with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft for cloud hosting and ensure complete data security.


Profit Sharing


Our pricing model is simple and flexible. We have developed a transparent profit sharing model in the course of partnering with 50+ CROs.


Training and Marketing Support


Acceliant offers support for digital marketing campaigns, industry events, sales meetings, press releases or speaking opportunities. We undertake comprehensive joint marketing campaigns to position our CRO partners and Acceliant to our target audience.


Why you should partner with us


We work with 8 of the top 10 pharma companies in the US and Fortune 500 medical devices companies.


WHO medical coding certified


Ranked #1 in usability


Want to become our partner


Acceliant partners with CROs, pharmaceuticals and medical devices companies to enhance the efficiency and reduce the cost of clinical trials.

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