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Acceliant ranked Highest in ‘Overall Satisfaction’ amongst EDC providers in ISR Reports’ recent research

2015-06-23 Santa Clara, California / Bangalore, India

Acceliant, a global technology provider of innovative clinical trial data management solutions, has been featured in the ISR Reports' (Industry Standard Research Reports) recent publication named "EDC and eCOA / ePRO Market Dynamics and Service Provider Performance (2015)". ISR Reports is one of the leading providers of Research and Analysis for pharmaceutical industry, and this report evaluated 22 EDC and eCOA / ePRO tools in the market - covering industry giants and emerging innovators, and measured their products across 18 different performance attributes. In this assessment, Acceliant has scored highest in 'Overall Satisfaction' by the EDC tool users / respondents, with 90% of them saying that Acceliant either meets or exceeds their expectations.

The 2015 edition of the "EDC and eCOA / ePRO Market Dynamics and Service Provider Performance", ISR has benchmarked 22 EDC and 22 eCOA / ePRO systems based on 651 EDC and 432 ePRO service provider encounters. The report indicates that the EDC industry is growing rapidly. In the 2013 version of this report, ISR noted that 77% of respondents preferred EDC systems to paper CRFs. This year, that number has risen to 91%. The report also examines the industry perception of the EDC and eCOA / ePRO markets based on the responses of over 150 industry professionals experienced with these systems.

Speaking on the report and the ranking, Sri Manchala, CEO of Acceliant said, "In the recent years, we have elevated our focus in gaining a deeper understanding of the industry challenges. The upcoming Acceliant 7.0 has incorporated many new features to improve our client experience such as richer UI, SMS notifications and an easier integration with other enterprise applications. Our efforts will continue to be on further strengthening the solution to deliver the desired business impact to our clients."

Dr. AL Rao, Board Member said, "We are indeed happy about this recognition. Acceliant is leveraging technologies that streamline and accelerate clinical trials to meet the growing need of sponsors in the life sciences industry. The fully integrated access to e-PRO data within the EDC platform, thereby eliminating integration costs, has resonated well with our clients."

"Acceliant, focusing on Ease of Use, CRF development time with reduced TCO has helped us gain market share. Providing seamless product support and training has helped the adoption rate and meet the client needs from a Time to Market perspective. We are very happy to be recognized for Overall Satisfaction by our clients and look forward to continue and improve upon the same, "said Santhosh S. Nagaraj, Head of Sales.

Representative from ISR Reports said, "We believe that the pharmaceutical industry needs a different, higher quality source of market research. Our endeavour has been to fill that need. The data for "EDC and eCOA / ePRO Market Dynamics and Service Provider Performance (2015)" were collected in Q1, 2015, and as with all our reports, we have adhered to highest standards of quality and integrity in generating this report. We are hopeful that this provides the necessary insights to our customers and enable their strategic business decisions."

About ISR Reports

Industry Standard Research (ISR) is a full service pharmaceutical market research and consulting company servicing the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical services industries. ISR combines domain expertise with unmatched market research rigor. Its' clients include nearly all of the global pharmaceutical service providers and a vast majority of the top 30 biopharmaceutical companies. ISR's syndicated reports offer novel, strategic insight into important industry topics and have practical applications across the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical services industry. For more information and to review ISR's library of reports, as well as custom research offerings, visit our website at

About Acceliant

Acceliant is the medical industry technology division of Trianz, a global technology services and solutions company. A pioneer in the EDC industry, Acceliant has been providing solutions in the clinical trial management space since 1999. The company caters to the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, CRO, and non-profit drug research industries. Acceliant solutions have helped facilitate clinical data management in hundreds of trials worldwide in dozens of therapeutic areas for global giants as well as emerging healthcare innovators. For more information, please visit our website at

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